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Small ideas create big change. That’s why a small idea can have a huge power to make the world a better place. What’s your idea? Enter your idea to Spring, and you can win a study trip and a summer job to make your idea reality!

The idea can be a solution to an everyday challenge or to a major international issue – perhaps something that makes a previous solution even better. You can also register for the competition even if your idea is still just preliminary. Read the guidelines for participating in Spring here.


Name of idea

  • At this point you can also use “working name”, you can change the name later.

Your idea in one sentence

  • Condense your idea into one sentence that tells what you are doing and who you are doing it for. Example: “A mobile app that connects lonely elderly people and volunteers.”

A more detailed description of your idea

  • Describe your idea and give more details about your idea: what, why, for whom and how. Limit: Maximum 1000 characters.


What problem does your idea solve?

  • Ideas are usually solutions to problems. Here, tell us what problem your idea is primarily trying to solve. If you have identified an untapped opportunity, describe it here.

Who has such a problem?

  • Please tell us here whose lives your idea would bring relief or improvement.


Why do you want to promote this particular idea?

  • Tell us why this idea is important to you.

What makes your team great at implementing this idea?

  • Tell us about the skills and competences of your team members. What are your strengths that you can draw on to make this idea a reality? What kind of help do you need to implement this idea?


Team members

Participation in Spring is based on a team of 3-5 people. Please list the first and last names, ages and places of residence of the team members.

Contact person

  • Please indicate the person who will act as the team’s contact person with the Spring organizers.

E-mail address of the contact person

  • Please enter here an e-mail address where you can be contacted. The email can belong to one of the team members.

Telephone number of the contact person

  • To ensure contact, we need the telephone number of one of your team members.

Where did you hear about the Spring Idea Competition?

  • From the school
  • Social media
  • Through the Frank App
  • From outdoor ads
  • From a friend
  • Through a hobby

We agree to the storage of the information provided.

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