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Opiskelijoita luokkahuoneessa, keskellä maapallo

Research has shown that young people’s faith in the future of the world has been tested for some time, and the events of recent years have not helped. At the same time, youth feel that they do not have enough opportunities to influence the future. The world needs young people’s ideas, because they have the ability to think in new ways, to solve the problems of our time and to seize new opportunities. The Spring Idea Competition is an opportunity for young people to influence the issues that matter to them and to strengthen their ability to face a rapidly changing future and play a part in building it.  

By integrating Spring into your teaching, you are implementing the curriculum, strengthening young people’s transversal competences and putting futures education into practice.  

Watch the Spring final on Yle Areena

By watching the Spring final in your school or classroom, you will support the young people’s faith in the future and strengthen their sense of agency.

During the 45 minute long final broadcast, hosted by Lloyd Libiso and Eva-Li Teir, the audience got to know the finalist teams and their ideas. The bilingual (Finnish / Swedish) final broadcast is available on Yle Areena until 6.6.2024.

What does Spring offer for teachers?  

Spring is a unique opportunity to teach young people how to think innovatively, make a difference, and build a sustainable future.

Spring is an innovative approach to teaching: offer young people the opportunity to put what they learn into practice and develop creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities of the world. Spring is a practical approach to futures and entrepreneurship education.

Spring is about strengthening young people’s future skills and confidence about the future: help young people develop their ability to identify opportunities, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and entrepreneurial mindset. At the same time, you will strengthen young people’s belief in the future.  

You will be supported in your implementation: we will support you in supporting young people with a range of materials.

How does Spring work?

Spring is designed to be flexible and easy to integrate into your teaching. We provide ready-made materials to help you guide your young people through the brainstorming process. Inspire, encourage, challenge, and learn at the same time! Spring is an opportunity to address today’s hot topics through a creative, solution-oriented approach. Your role will be to guide the process, ask questions, and support young people’s self-confidence.

Below you will find materials to help you inspire your students to imagine a better future and take part in an idea competition. The materials have been developed in collaboration with teachers and students. You can also download a Spring video from Vimeo for your institution. The video can be freely shared on all your institution’s channels.

Watch the Spring-video, which serves as an excellent inspiration and marketing video for young people.
Watch the “This was Spring” video, in which the young people who took part in the competition talk about their experiences. The video is a great marketing video for young people. The video’s language is Finnish, but subtitles are available in English.