Finalists of 2023

The 2023 Spring Idea Competition brought out many innovative and impressive ideas from young people across Finland. Here we present the inspiring ideas from the competition, the finalists of the 2023 competition, who stood out from the crowd with their creativity, passion, and vision. These finalists are a testament to what young people can achieve when they believe in themselves and their ideas. We hope these stories will inspire you and your team to get involved, innovate, and make a difference in the future.

Want to be the next source of inspiration? Take part in the Spring Idea Competition, show us your idea and you and your team could win a summer job promoting your idea! The next call for entries for the Spring Idea Competition is 1 November 2023-29 February 2024.

Rent and Loan (ReLo) – an app that allows you to rent and borrow goods. The idea of this team from Kirkkonummi is presented in the video by Nina, Waula, and Claudia.
Clearify – an ecological and effective solid dishwashing detergent that reduces plastic waste and promotes sustainable consumption. This idea from a team in the countryside is presented in a video by Elin and Nelly. The team also includes Fanny and Matilda.
Ternääriset tietokoneet – more efficient and energy-saving information processing. The idea of this team from Helsinki, Espoo, and Kirkkonummi is presented in the video by Aleksi, Kiril, Aarni, Tiitus and Rasmus.
EKO-app – an app that advises on how to recycle products and help reduce food waste. The idea behind this team, which stretches from Helsinki to Mikkeli, is presented in the video by Aura, Aleasha and Jemina.
TERappi – an app to get help with mental health problems. The idea of this team from Tampere is presented in a video by Sofia and Tinka. The team also includes Isobel and Petteri.
muoviTon – Bringing the Zero waste mindset to stores. The idea of this team from Helsinki and Espoo is presented in the video by Inka, Kia, and Elena.
Nuorten maanpuolustusliitto – Increasing young people’s sense of national defence and awareness of national defence. The idea of this Helsinki-based team is presented in the video by Alex, Victor and Matti. The team also includes Rasmus.
Seeds of Knowledge – using horticulture in education. The idea of this team from Espoo and Helsinki is presented in the video by Robinson, Vikram, Elias and Daniel.
LINK – a campaign to make youth activities more inclusive. In this video, the idea of this team from Helsinki and Sipoo is presented by Luka, Ria, Ilo and Laura.
Switch Up Makeup – the cleaning, recycling and sale of surplus cosmetics. This team from Espoo presents the idea in the video and is made up of Emmi, Elisa and Aapu.

In its first year, the Spring Idea Competition attracted enthusiastic participation from all over Finland: a total of 161 ideas for improving the world were submitted from 68 localities. Spring was looking for ideas that would make the world a better place and promote issues that young people feel are important. The inspiring competition ideas were related to a variety of themes, from global challenges to local opportunities. The winners were chosen by public vote. The winning teams promoted their ideas in a paid summer job in the summer of 2023.